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3 Reasons to Date a Girl Who Drinks Beer

When dating, you’re probably wondering about the ways to tell if she’s the one. Here’s a simple tip – opt for a girl who drinks beer! Here are a few examples of why this could be a match made in heaven.

She Isn’t Afraid to Be Herself

There’s an idiotic social perception that beer drinking isn’t particularly feminine. A girl who drinks beer doesn’t really care about such norms and she’s no afraid to be herself. You go girl!

Not a High Maintenance Chick

Do you want to find someone who’s down to earth, easy-going, energetic and low maintenance? If so, you should definitely opt for the girl that drinks beer rather than the one that wants champagne on a casual date.

She’s Approachable

Many women believe that they have to act a certain way and be difficult to get. Their demeanor and even the beverages they choose could put up a wall. A beer-drinking girl isn’t like that. She’s cool, friendly and approachable. If you see her out in town, don’t be afraid to say hello. Chances are that the two of you will be engaged in a lively conversation pretty soon.